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Crowns & Bridges

Crowns & Bridges

Dentists strive hard to give you the best smile possible. Some of the common dental appliances that help them treat their patients and give them an aesthetically pleasing smile are dental crowns and bridges. Both these restorations are made from tooth-colored ceramic material and can be customized to perfectly match the appearance of natural teeth.


Whenever a patient comes to our practice seeking treatment to restore a badly damaged tooth, the first choice that we would consider is a dental crown. A crown is a tooth-like ceramic structure that is hollow on the inside. It would be placed on a natural tooth in order to cover it in its entirety. This way, surface imperfections such as chipping, cracks, excessive wear, etc. can be gotten rid of. Also, crowns help to hold a weak tooth intact and prevent it from crumbling or breaking under high stress.


One of the simplest and most effective ways of restoring a missing tooth is using a dental bridge. It is a ceramic prosthetic tooth that can be customized to perfectly mimic the appearance of a natural one. The bridge will be coupled with dental crowns on either side to hold it firmly in place. It is known to restore the aesthetics of the patient’s smile as well as the functionality of the mouth.

Advantages of ceramic crowns and bridges

The dental-grade ceramic that we use to fabricate crowns and bridges can be customized in terms of color, transparency, texture, and contour. This makes the restorations appear as life-like as possible.

The procedure followed in the placement of crowns and bridges is quite a simple one. In most cases, placing the restoration can be completed in a single visit to the dentist’s office.

Prior to placing the restoration, the tooth will have to be prepared. For this, only a thin layer of enamel will have to be removed from the surface of the teeth. Meaning, a majority of the natural tissues of the teeth will be retained.

With the use of bridges, the patient will be able to bite and chew food as they used to earlier. Also, their phonetics will be restored to normal.

Crowns are excellent at restoring teeth that are on the verge of failure. They cover weak or damaged teeth entirely and help to keep them intact. In fact, they prevent the teeth from getting infected as they cover the exposed root canal cavity (pulp).

Both crowns and bridges offer excellent stability, longevity, and durability. With proper care, they are known to last for several years.

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